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Sheffield, England
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1 month ago

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Venue Based Charity Fundraiser
A unique opportunity for high-quality in-store charity fundraisers
What 3 things doexperiencedin-store fundraisers need to be successful and happy?
Good locationswith foot traffic, the right demographics and within reasonable distances.

A good fresh causewith real appeal to the public and that also feels worthwhile to the fundraiser and makes a real difference.

A good companythat acts with honesty and transparency and treats fundraisers with respect and pays a fair rate for the work.

The Fundraising Partnership can offer you all of these:
The Fundraising Partnership has partnership arrangements with the best booking agencies which means we canguarantee bookings in premium supermarkets and other venues week in and week out.

We havegreat charity partnersthat we are recruiting supporters for including Yorkshire Cancer Research and other compelling human health charities.

We offergood pay and conditionsand work to the highest standards in the sector with outstanding training and support and a great company culture.

We need to recruit high-quality fundraisers to add to our existing team and help us make the most of the opportunity that we nowhave tosignificantly increase the money we raise for our charity partners from regular donation programmes.
We have a great portfolio of venues to work in:
Due to our partnerships with outstanding companies that source bookings, we are working in major supermarkets and other premium private site venues and shows and events across the areasserved by Yorkshire Cancer Researchand have the venuecapacityto sustain a larger fundraisingteam.
We work on behalf of a great cause:
The role is working as a face-to-face charity fundraiser within major retail stores on behalf of Yorkshire Cancer Research.
Yorkshire Cancer Research funds vital cancer research and pioneers innovative new services for people with cancer across the region. These life-giving medical breakthroughs are helping more people survive cancer in Yorkshire, and beyond.
Sadly, people are more likely to have their lives cut short by cancer in Yorkshire than almost anywhere else in England. As Yorkshires cancer charity, Yorkshire Cancer Research is dedicated to changing this.
Howyou canmake a difference?
A typical charity fundraiser will raise more than £400,000 for the charity every year that they work for.Soyou would be doing a job where after 5 years of work, through your professionalism, integrity, and hard work you could raise more than £2 million for charities that deal, quite literally, in matters of life and death. Regular donation programmes are vital to keeping these charities going.
This isa great opportunity
We are building a sustainable model where fundraisers can work in great venues regularly but without exhausting those venues through being overworked, have high quality advanced bookings that you can rely on, not have to have excessive travel time or constant overnight stays, and be able to specialise in excelling at promoting a small number of genuinely worthwhile charity causes that resonate with the public.
There is a unique window of opportunity right now for the right calibre of fundraisers to join our teamat the momentwhere we can deliver exactly what good fundraisers have always wanted. If you are finding yourself working a tired rota of venues and causes that have been worked to death or are tired of never knowing where you will be working or whether you will even end up not being able to work there at all, you should give yourself a fresh start. If so and you relish working to the highest standards this is the perfect moment for you to become a part of The Fundraising Partnership.



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