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General Manager

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Sheffield, England
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Full Time
£40,000 - £50,000 Per Year
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5 days ago

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Job Description – General Manager Reports to: Managing Director Accountable to: Managing Director Location: ==============================

Main Functions of the Job

• To have overall responsibility for the operational and care delivery functions of the office, reporting to the Managing Director.

• To have overall responsibility of the business administration elements of invoicing, banking, payroll and contracts.

• To manage the Registered Manager at the location.

• To manage the services in accordance with standards agreed with the Managing Director, legislative requirements, relevant regulations, and in line with accepted best practices.

• Create a work atmosphere that promotes a high quality of work life.

• Create and maintain a culture of performance and excellence.

• To oversee implementation of policies and procedures.

• Manage costs effectively at all times in agreement with the Managing Director.

• Always act in an open and transparent manner, irrespective of who the General Manager is dealing with (i.e. Managing Director, Staff, Clients or external personnel).

• Must have a working understanding of the Care Act and CQC’s Essential Standards. To assist in the Registered Manager in the improvement and maintenance of these standards.

• Must have a working understanding of the finance of the business and ensure that invoicing and banking are completed in good time and correctly.

• To ensure that reconciliations are completed at least monthly, that monitor transactions into and out of the company bank account, and that debtors are being managed in a robust and effective manner.

• To ensure that staff are paid accurately and in good time, as per the company’s payroll timetable.

• To ensure that all contracts are in place for all clients, and that both the client and the office have a signed copy of the business contract.

• To ensure that all HR and personnel issues are dealt with effectively and in good time e.g. disciplinary issues, grievance issues, maternity issues, etc.

• To effectively control costs, such that client safety is maintained but also so that company budgets are followed as much as reasonably possible.

• To market and sell the brand and service as needed, to ensure on-going increases in client numbers.

• To ensure that referrals for new clients are completed comprehensively and in good time, in order that client census increases. However, these assessments must be done in such a manner that risk can be managed safely and that inappropriate or high-risk individuals are turned away.

• Recruit select and train employees, in numbers agreed with the Managing Director in line with the business plan for the location.

• Ensure that all new employees are oriented and inducted correctly.

• To ensure that staff are trained in accordance with policies and procedures

• To line-manage and supervise senior staff, in order that they correctly manage their direct reports and that they work to company standards.

• Ensure that Supervision and Appraisal takes place for all staff at specified intervals.

• Manage employee numbers so as to eliminate the use of Agency staff for routine or planned absences.

• To ensure each client is risk assessed and a risk assessment is compiled based on the individual clients’ needs and requirements and that the risk assessment is evaluated and reviewed on the dates agreed, or sooner if the client’s circumstances change.

• To ensure that all clients are safeguarded at all times; and that safeguarding alerts happen correctly, appropriately and in good time.

• To work with representatives from the Care Quality Commission during inspections and with representatives of the Local Council during Contract Monitoring reviews, and to formulate Action Plans following receipt of their reports. Thereafter, to ensure that the issues from the Action Plans are rectified in good time; and always working to ensure compliance with both the Care Quality Commission and the Local Council.

• To ensure that a comprehensive governance, audit and Quality Assurance programme is in place, and that these audits take place regularly. To present audit results and action plans are presented at the monthly Management meeting. To ensure that audit results are disseminated and delegated to relevant staff and that these results and shortfalls are acted upon, so as to deliver improvements. To implement a structure that ensures tasks related to quality assurance and audit shortfalls are completed proactively and in good time.

• To oversee and from time to time make unannounced spot checks at client’s homes who are receiving care to ensure that the standard of care they receive is to the expected standards and that the clients are happy with the care that they receive. General Responsibilities

• Create and uphold an open, positive and inclusive organisational culture.

• Share in the development of strategic plans.

• Participate in evaluation against agreed organisational goals, business, and quality objectives. This will take place at least monthly during Management Meetings.

• Implement and maintain the standards required by legislation related to the registration.

Other Responsibilities

• Lead Staff Meetings, which are to take place at agreed intervals and as and when required.

• Support a work atmosphere which promotes a high quality of work life; and maintains a culture of performance and excellence.

• In addition to these functions, employees are required to carry out such duties as may reasonably be required.

• To meet with the Managing Director on a monthly basis as a minimum. To bring the Managing Director up to date during these meetings as to regulatory issues, general concerns, complaints, finance issues, bank reconciliations, the status of recruitment and HR, and the results of quality assurance and audits


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