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Research Associate

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Oxford, England
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£30,000 - £35,000 Per Year
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Here at S3 Discovery, we are actively recruiting for a Research Associate within our client's culture media team. The Research Associate’s will conduct scientific research to support the rational design and optimisation of culture media formulations. Specifically, media for the proliferation and maturation of various cell types in bioreactor systems. The objective being to produce chemically defined culture media, which are animal component free and cost effective. The successful candidate will join the Culture Media Team to perform the following duties:
The Role:
The successful candidate will execute experiments related to culture media R&D activities, implementing the following
* Maintenance of mammalian cell cultures (e.g. cell revival, culture and banking) both manually and automated
* Preparation of reagents for cell culture and characterisation processes
* Characterise cellular samples for cell vitality (e.g. cell numbers, cell viability and cell sizing) and differentiation (e.g. select markers)
* Characterise spent media for secreted metabolites and nutrient consumption
* Produce culture media stocks for screening
* Perform quality tests on cells, reagents and media (e.g. contamination testing)
Qualifications & Experience:
Essential Experience:
* Degree in either Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or related field
* Good understanding of cell biology and biochemistry
* Experience of experimental design, execution, and data analysis
* Experience in aseptic technique and mammalian cell culture, preferably in the handling of stem or primary cell types
* Experience of experimental record-keeping
* Experience of trouble shooting in an experimental capacity
* Good numeracy and communication skills (both written and verbal)
Desirable Experience:
* Experienced with writing standard protocols, basic reports, and risk assessments
* Knowledge of and skills to use analysis instruments (e.g. cell counters, UV-vis plate readers & microscopes / imagers)
* Molecular biology skills e.g. enzyme-based metabolism assays, protein quantification & PCR
* Nutrient analysis and osmolarity characterisation experience
* Knowledge of culture media fundamentals
* Statistical analysis of data
* Experience with automated lab instrumentation


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