Culture Media Scientist

Culture Media Scientist

Culture Media Scientist

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Oxford, England
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Full Time
£30,000 - £40,000 Per Year
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15 days ago

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Here at S3 Discovery, we are proud to be collaborating with an innovative Tissue-Engineering start-up company, who have seen significant growth through 2020. This is an exciting opportunity to join the culture media team, where your research focus will be on the rational design and optimisation of culture media formulations for the proliferation and maturation of various cell types in bioreactor systems. The objective being to produce chemically defined culture media, which are animal component free and cost effective.

The Role

The successful candidate you will join the Culture Media Team to perform the following duties:

* Culture media development (experimental):

* Design and implement experiments on the rational design of culture media for selected cell types by a combination of media screening, optimisation and validation processes. This will utilise DoE

* Develop and validate assays to characterise cell proliferation and differentiation

* Acquire datasets to characterise culture media & cell performance, using tools such as nutrient analysers and viable cell assays

* Analyse datasets from media screening to infer key media components / formulations or culture hypothesises

* Validate various cell cultures platform as models for bioreactor systems

* Apply a combination of manual and automated culturing techniques

* Utilise information from academic literature, suppliers, collaborators, and external advisers to steer the direction of culture media research

* Maintain an accurate record of experiments using an ELN

* Create SOP and risk assessment documentation

* Participate in group and project meetings and discussions

* Perform routine laboratory maintenance

* Maintain the confidentiality of the project and protocols

* General ad-hoc duties as required to support the departmental and organisation requirements

Role Requirements

The successful candidate for Culture Media Scientist will have the following skills and experience:

* Significant experience in aseptic technique and cell culture, preferably in

* the establishment, differentiation and maintenance of stem or primary cell types

* Expertise in the metabolism of mammalian cell cultures, and preferably development, screening, and optimisation of cell culture media formulations

* Expertise in characterising and quantifying cell proliferation and differentiation in monolayer, suspension or bioreactor cultures

* Experience of setting up and optimising cell-based processes to a robust, preferably industrial-level, standard

* Expertise in characterisation of culture media in terms of nutrients, proteins, osmolarity and dissolved gases

* Experience of culturing cells in serum-free cell conditions, preferable in establishing protocols and adaption of cells

* Application of DoE (Design of Experiments) to rational experiment design


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