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Broughty Ferry, Scotland
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1 month ago

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To administer in a professional and pro-active manner, in the best interests of the business, a range of core financial and business functions (with appropriate confidentiality) in conjunction with the Directors, as generally described below. The following headers provide a broad description only of the main duties and responsibilities. They are not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive and may vary from time to time.

Accounts Related Duties

Maintain the business’s day to day financial management, credit control, accounts, utilising appropriately computerised systems current at the time, and prepare reports regularly as required. (We currently use Xero for our finances, Brightpay for our payroll, and another system for our timesheets etc).

Providing to the Directors quarterly management accounts, regular cash flow projections, draft year end accounts, VAT returns and all statutory reporting. Liaising as required with our external chartered accountants, our bank and HMRC. Assisting the Directors in their preparation of fee and other proposals based upon analysis of historic financial data.

Collecting and monitoring project related data, create, monitor and manage invoices and accounts as neccessary.

Monitoting and managing our external expenditure.

Maintaining computerised personnel files for staff. Preparing on a monthly basis, wage, pension and PAYE payments etc and implement in conjunction with Directors the payroll payments by BACS or otherwise. Please note you will be responsible for all aspects of our payroll, because we do not outsource this role.

Communicating clearly in an insightful and informative manner to the Directors (and others when neccessary) verbally and in print via informal discussions and formal meetings.

General Approach

Liaise with and report to the Directors on a regular basis, exchange information and pro-actively assist in the strategic management of the business with particular emphasis on financial matters and advancement of efficiency.

Maintain, as practicable, a working knowledge of legislation and procedures relating to the financial administration duties.

Identify, research and advise of new financial management and control techniques including related information technology systems.

Actively maintain familiarity with the project profiles and where appropriate develop business relationships with respective clients.

Maintain a familiarisation with the business organisational and computer technological systems and where appropriate identify and implement personal training requirements.

Undertake all duties diligently and with integrity ensuring highest levels of accuracy and thoroughness.

Maintain at all times appropriate discretion with regard to information of financial affairs in the best interests of the Directors.

Assist as and when appropriate with the development of the business Quality Assurance Systems.

Other Duties

You may be required to perform duties other than those given in the job description. These duties and responsibilities above may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed.

On occasions, however, where a permanent and/or substantial change in the nature of the duties and responsibilities of a job occurs, then the position would be re-evaluated.

Be familiar with the business’s computer technology and maintain the necessary skills to make use of these facilities.

Be familiar with the content of the following and the systems and procedures described therein:

NRS Staff Manual
NRS Health and Safety Manual
NRS Fire Safety Policy

Check on completion that all work has been finished to a competent standard bearing in mind the confidential nature of such work.

Carry out all duties in a conscientious, accurate, efficient, responsible and professional manner.


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